A hymn to relaxation and well-being

If you dream of a bathroom that is an invitation to relax, then the spa room is the perfect choice . Between massage and cocooning atmosphere, they can only have a feeling of well-being when they step through the door, a real zen feel abouit your bathroom. Maybe it's time to find a spa sale ?

The bathtub, the key piece of the spa bathroom

The whirlpool bath is a must in the whirlpool bathroom. There are different types of whirlpool tubs that should not be confused with the SPA.

The spa bath, synonymous with well-being

Massaging nozzles, air jets, bubbles and waves, this is the well-being program that awaits your clients with a spa bath.
Depending on their tastes and needs, they can choose between a gentle or invigorating hydromassage.
The spa bath can also be equipped with a chromotherapy system (relaxation by the play of lights of different colors) or aromatherapy (relaxation thanks to the scents).

The different spa baths

To choose a spa bath, different criteria can be taken into account such as the shape and the options offered.
The shape of the bathtub depends mainly on the configuration of the room and in particular on the available space.

For example, a corner whirlpool bathtub optimizes the surface area in a small bathroom, while a free-standing or round bathtub can be placed in the center of a more spacious bathroom. The rectangular whirlpool bathtub adapts to any bathroom with its classic design.

And if your customers don't want to give up the pleasure of a shower, you can offer them a whirlpool tub-shower combination. The perfect compromise between the convenience of the shower and the soothing of the bath.