Orlando Spa Institut

Our site has been refined to meet the field of welfare of Orlando. We are professionals in the care for the body and we offer several types of jacuzzi spa services. Our services therefore act on the whole body and at all levels so that the body in question and the mind are calmed. Of course, our services also cover all types of people since we take care of each special way.

Services at all levels

Being professionals in the well-being, we will provide services covering all the attractions of the area. We will ensure care for the body and face namely the sauna, hammam and specific care. We will also be offering hot stone massages. Also, various practices from other cultures will be used to provide a full range as to what is our service. We'll talk specific massages like those type of Bora Bora who will use the virtues of water to act beneficially on the body and morale. The virtues of Chinese medicine will also be used. It is an old culture of 5,000 years, which is based on the balance of ying and yang. India is also a country with much care be insured like Yoga and Ayurveda. These practices will also be used to soothe your body.

More practical

Added to the practices that we have mentioned above, our services also encompass the care practices came from Japan. It specifies that this practice is the use of fingers, forearms, feet, hands, elbows or knees to manage the overall condition of each. This practice is commonly known Shiatsu massage and acts targeting specific areas of the body. Practices from Thailand will also be offered. You should know that Thai treatments are older than 2,500 years and are rich techniques that will facilitate the connection between body and mind. Our professional équipie receive you courteously while ensuring impeccable service too. Relax on us to have the best time of well-being that is.